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I know your type! You’re an ARTAHOLIC!

You wheel your cart down the aisle, it doesn’t matter where you are;  suddenly nestled next to your milk and bread you have a cartload of glue, paper, paint or perhaps a skein of yarn. You head home, unload your purchases, and stash your haul into your craft cupboard or closet wherever the stuff will fit.

You feel guilt. You didn’t intend to make anything right away, BUT just in case an idea or a project comes along you’ve stocked up. Your three glue guns, 20 bottles of Tacky, and assorted colors and types of paint are on hand and ready.

When you go to a craft boutique you walk away with nothing but sketches on the back of your checkbook and an “I can make that” attitude!

Sometimes it seems you spend more time in the store daydreaming projects than actually doing them! Well I’ll let you in on a big secret; you are not alone!!!

I would be a “Michaels” dream employee. I have done and created almost everything imaginable with the contents of their store, or have it stashed in my closet. In fact, my daughter got a job there a few years back and called me to ask me what a certain item was and where it could be located.

The other day as I “reorganized” the stash I thought, “This would be a great blogging project.” I can utilize the supplies, be motivated to do some unfinished projects, and share ideas and art.

 I recently acquired Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and would love to exchange learning sites and tips with you “pix” and “vector art” addicts. Along with crafts and projects made from the stash.

The name I came up with: PixArtInk.com fits my new project perfectly! As I blog about projects, I will tag them into each category in their respective folder.  The Pix folder will be for pictures and Photoshop ideas. The Art will be anything creative from illustrations, home creations, to yarn projects. The ink will be anything that includes wording, scrapbooking, etc.

My site will be under construction for a bit but I am excited to get started!