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Bowling Logo With Drop Shadow

The latest creation for my store http://www.zazzle.com/bowlermindy is the bowling logo “Spare Me!!!!”. I used illustrator CS4 to create the illustration. I used my new watermark (tutorial last posting) on this piece, and it looks good. I had to adjust the size to cover the whole image but that is quite easy. Just select all and increase the scale. The other thing that I played around with more this time was the gradient. My first images contributed to Zazzle were flat, one dimensional pieces. The Alley Cat redesign also was created using more gradients, and they are beginning to sell as well as the flat design. I think it is a matter of taste whether you prefer the simple flat non-dimensional vector image or the dimensional one. We’ll see how it goes since I have left both on the site as options.

The drop shadow effect was also used on the logo, to create dimension. When you apply this effect, select only the layers or image you want the shadow on. To clarify, if I applied the drop shadow to the whole “Spare Me” logo which I had created in layers, the drop shadow would occur on the eyes, mouth, striping etc. You don’t want this. Select only the layers (ex. the pin body, ball and wording) to apply it to. Do this by locking the layers you don’t want it to affect with the “toggle lock” located on the layers panel. After locking those you don’t want shadowed, use the select all option located under the “select” option at the top of your page. Then open the “effect” tab and select the “stylize” option. From there select “drop shadow.”  It will prompt you to “apply new effect” select this and it will then give you adjustment options. Darkness, location etc. play with these options and use the “preview” selection to see how the shadow will be applied. When it is to your liking remove the “preview” check, and apply it. You can always remove it through the discard feature in layers panel if you decide you don’t like it.

One final tip, if  you change your work after applying the drop shadow it takes much longer to edit because the shadow constantly adjusts. You might want to turn it off or remove it when editing, or add it when you know you are completely finished with your piece.

Have fun with this option!